Monday, August 29, 2016

The Decorative Genius of Robert Adam - Kenwood House

Kenwood House stands on an eminence overlooking the gentle slopes of Hampstead Heath and surveys the distant skyline of central London. Designed by Robert Adam at the height of his powers, it embodies an atmosphere of serenity and peace only achievable through perfect proportion and an expert handling of natural light.
The main social spaces occupy the ground floor, allowing them to have french doors that open directly out to the gardens. This was an unusual arrangement at the time. Typically the ground floor rooms were devoted to servants and service spaces such as the kitchen, with the main social spaces on the next floor up, the "piano nobile". Adam's alternative arrangement brought the Italian/Palladian inspired arrangement into line with the more landscape oriented English country lifestyle.
The Library is the heart of Kenwood House, a room that perfectly balances space, light, color, form, sound and function.

The Antechamber to the Library

The Stair Hall

Skylight in the Stair Hall
An antechamber with an oculus allowing light in from a skylight in the floor above.

Details from various rooms

Kenwood House was Robert Adam's third country house in the London area, with work performed from 1764-1779. His other London country houses are Osterley Park and Syon House.

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  1. It's exquisite; it brings such a sense of serenity.

    I'm so glad I got to see it with you.