Monday, August 29, 2016

The Decorative Genius of Robert Adam - Osterley Park

Osterley Park was one of Robert Adam's earliest opportunities to put his ideas to test in a country house setting. At the time it was begun in 1761 Osterley Park was surrounded by countryside, though still easily accessible from London. Since then the city has grown up around it. But it still provides one of the largest green spaces in the west London area. Osterley park is just a short distance from another Adam masterpiece, Syon House.

The house rests on top of the foundations of an Elizabethan house that had fallen into disrepair. The plan is a variation of a courtyard plan, with living blocks on 3 sides and one side open to a grand portico.

Entry Hall

Stair Hall ceiling

Stair details

Upper stair hall

Upper stair hall

The "Etruscan" room with details inspired by Etruscan ceramics in the owner's collection

Main kitchen

Housekeeper's sitting room

Servants' hall

Robert Adam built two other magnificent country houses in the London area, Syon House and Kenwood House.

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