Saturday, February 25, 2012

Someday this will all be lost under the sand

The view out my window on a normal day.

Today the wind picked up in a big way. We're having a real sandstorm. It's blowing so hard you almost can't walk against it. The weather reporters are predicting rain too. There have only been 2 days of rain since I arrived here last May.

When I was outside, walking back to my apartment and the wind was howling, I could smell water in the air. But so far there's been no rain. If it does start to rain I wonder if it's going to rain mud. That would be the kind of miserably suitable weather I'd expect in this God forsaken sand pit in the middle of the barren desert.

Here's the same view as above, but taken just a few minutes ago.

Another view down the street. The worst of the sandstorm is already past.

And another view.

Here's a 1 minute video of the rain. It finally arrived.

Welcome to Riyadh!


  1. How very bleak. You are indeed in a 'hardship post'. I look forward to seeing you in a month, in green green Brittany by the sea. Myabe you'll find it's easy enough to get there that you can go on three-day weekends.

  2. Raining mud. Now there's an image...

  3. Sounds exotic and interesting, actually. One day, you will be like those old retired British colonels, telling puffed up stories of the glorious days of Empire and Honor in Arabia.

  4. We had large, soggy flakes of snow this morning that turned to rain within an hour. It really doesn't feel very cold, though.

  5. Thanks for sharing, Antonio. Considering the dust and the differences, hope that you are doing well! I'm glad that you sent out an email reminder for your latest posts!!!

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  7. Glad Antonio you'll get a chance to visit your sister in your beautiful France. Take lots of new pictures and plaster your walls till you're out of there. You'll appreciate wherever you are after you leave this place, more than ever, don't you think?! Almost anywhere that's not of this bleak desert landscape, and maybe Siberia! Hey, you could have ended up in Siberia! There's a bright thought for you today Antonio!

  8. Thank you for sharing your photos and experiences with us, Antonio. I am sure you are rather anxious to get to your place in France... enjoy it all!! We miss you.

  9. Hello from Cancun!
    Good to hear from you and I hope you stay protected from the sandstorms!
    God bless,