Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dust storm in Riyadh

The wind blew in last night and really kicked up a lot of dust. The sea of sand that surrounds Riyadh is really more like a sea of talcum powder. The desert here is this amazingly fine sand that gets absolutely everywhere. Because its so fine, once it gets kicked up it just suspends in the air and stays there.

Notice that there are no shadows in the photo. Today is not a cloudy day. It's the dust in the air that's stopping the sun from getting through.

Here's a car across the street.

By the way, my TV set and the table it's sitting on (top photo) were clean yesterday.

Don't you wish you were here with me in this exotic place?


  1. Exotic places be darned. Give me the seaside in France any day!

  2. Then again, when the shadows return, they return in vengeance! 120 degrees in the shade, anyone? :)

    Looks like a nice neighborhood, at least when you can go out without there being a dust storm.

  3. Hi Antonio- Thanks for sharing the mood in this exotic place. Have a fine weekend!

  4. Can you imagine the lungs of the locals? Heavy with sand, I'd guess.