Sunday, March 12, 2017

Plouhinec House, skylights

The house has 3 skylights, all of which needed to be replaced. The glass seals had broken, causing moisture and dirt to accumulate between the doubled panes of glass. On Friday, 10 March, Metiers du Toit came out and replaced them all with new Velux models. They also added a small skylight in the bis, over the stairs, where there had been none before. This one was made specially, to fit the smaller space, by a local firm called Skler.

This photo shows the condition of the old skylights, above, and the new ones, below.

Kitchen - before (lt) and after (rt)

Current bath at ground floor - before (lt) and after (rt)

Attic bedroom - before (lt) and after (rt)
bis staircase

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  1. This is great. What an improvement! And a little more light in the bis. Thank you very much for making this happen!