Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saturday at the Farmers' Market

- Saturday at the Farmers' Market -
Couldn't have asked for lovelier weather today. Don't expect it to last since the reports show rain on Monday and Tuesday. But today is Saturday and it's Market Day! So forget your troubles. Come on. Get happy. (Yes, I stole that last line from the Arlen/Koehler song.)

Here are a few photos. Hope you enjoy.

A bientรดt!

The corn is growing fast. These have doubled in height in the last 3 days.

The tide was low this morning.


Everybody enjoys market day.

More stuff. Brightly colored.

A beautiful antique wood boat has taken up residence in the port.

The chateau is lovelier than ever, a grand dame who is more beautiful with every passing year. The place has been subdivided into apartments. There's a spacious 1 bedroom for sale right now, asking 67K euros.

A glass of wine BEFORE dinner. Am I turning into a lush?