Friday, September 2, 2011

Luzern - Impressions #20

Luzern, too lovely, lying at the base of Mount Pilatus. This is where I stayed the day I arrived, then went on to my final destination, Brienz, the following morning.

This summer in Luzern the town has sponsored musicians from all over the world to perform their music in the streets of the city. So, everywhere there were small crowds of people gathered around, enjoying all the different cultures of music. I'll try loading a couple of videos into this blog post.

Luzern was really buzzing. At first I thought it was overcrowded with tourists. But I realized that most of the people were locals who were just really loving being out and about in their beautiful city.

Make sure to take the time to walk to the edge of town and follow the path of the old city walls. This tower is where it starts. There are something like 9 towers climbing up the open hills surrounding the city.

The 2 covered bridges have dozens of ancient, painted wood panels. One bridge shows scenes from the history of the city. The other is a series of "Dance of Death" paintings.

The swans are everywhere and very friendly.

These steps are just in front of the church in the photos above. There was a group of 4 women from South America singing some folks songs.

The church with the little crowd in front, seen from a bridge in the middle of the river.

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  1. You paint a lovely scene. If I lived in Luzern, I'd be out and about enjoying the lovely city too. How nice that you got to go back to these wonderful places!