Friday, July 22, 2011

impressions #12 - a few photos of my apartment

Here are a few photos of my apartment. First, the sitting area... comfortable enough. The furniture came with the place, though I'm free to get rid of it if I want. I might in a while. Everything's built of concrete. The walls are plastered and the floors are all tile. It makes it easy to wash the floors down since there's a fair amount of dust. But I'm up on the 3rd floor, well up above the street, which helps.

The bathroom is simple. Like you find around Europe, the shower has no enclosure. So make sure to stash the toilet paper away or it will get wet.

This is my front door handle. They love their "baroque" here. My building is brand new. It's 10 minutes walk from my office. I'm quite happy with it.


  1. So glad you're enjoying your own apartment and that it is so convenient to work!

  2. I noticed you have moldings on the ceilings and crown moldings on the walls. That's nice.

  3. Thanks for posting the photos, Antonio. It's nice to have a visual idea of your new place, which looks very nice, by the way. If you plan to continue painting, it looks like you have plenty of wall space to hang the finished works. And I would imagine that the smaller windows help moderate the temperature a bit.

  4. Hi Antonio.
    Looks great. In fact it looks like it could be anywhere in the world, except for the cool doorknob. I stayed in a hotel, one night in Bombay, which had the shower head directly over the toilet. Perhaps they are multitaskers.

  5. Joao, I think you're right about multi-tasking. If you look close at the photo you'll see, behind the sink, there's a second hand-held shower head. People use their toilets like bidets, with these shower heads. This is standard in the toilets at my office as well.